Saturday, April 14, 2007

Google buys DoubleClick, for a double-dose of the advertisin'

I just wanted to say that. ("His name is Upgrayedd, spelled with two D's, for a double dose of the pimpin'... You see gentlemen, a pimp's love is very different from that of a square." Makes for an interesting analogy, eh?)

Here is the new order:
  • Microsoft is the new IBM (which is to say, mostly irrelevant)
  • Google is the new Microsoft (but I like the new one better)
  • Facebook is the new Google
And Yahoo? They are the new Lotus. They'll continue their slide into total irrelevance and will eventually be bought by the new IBM (Microsoft).

Back when Google was tiny and Microsoft was terrifying, I used to tell people that eventually Microsoft would be making anti-trust complaints against Google. Most people felt that I had a very weak grasp on reality. Now I'm hearing grumblings. After all, it's not like Microsoft has a real shot at direct competition -- they are behind and continue to lose ground.

Please note: I do NOT work for Google, or anyone else for that matter.

Update: Some people seem to be taking my "G is the new MS", "FB is the new G", etc statements a little too literally. I'm not suggesting that they are literally becoming those other companies, but rather that they are taking their place in the tech ecosystem, in the sense of X is the new Y.


Prashant Desale said...

I do not understand how one can compare Facebook with Google.

I disagree with The statement "Facebook is the new Google". It is not.

Google was much innovative in the basic idea of searching the relevant data. Idea or implementation was not perfect (nothing is perfect) but was much better than how others were serving the search.

Facebook has NO innovative idea or implementation. It can not be a as global brand as Google is simply because Facebook is only for certain Age group. Google was for everybody. That is a MAJOR difference.

Facebook will never be able to carve itself out of Network for Young image.

Do you really think that this is how people (all over the world) are going to socialize in future?

GeneralInvestor said...

While Microsoft might be dead in the new exciting stuff, everyone else I know who does boring stuff: banks, insurance, investments, health care....lives, breaths, and defends Microsoft equally as those who defend Linux.