Monday, December 29, 2008

blog, v2

I haven't posted anything here in about eight months, mostly because I've just been very busy, but also because:
  • Blogging is too hard
  • I post a lot of things over on FriendFeed, which is easier, and I'm lazy (and you really should subscribe to my FriendFeed if you find anything I post here at all interesting)
  • I got tired of my blog posts. When I read them, there's something I don't like.
Nevertheless, I sometimes want to share something more than a FriendFeed message or interesting link, so I'm going to give it a second try.

However, I've decided that in the future my posts will be more rambling, and more pointless. I think part of what I don't like about the older posts is that they are sometimes arguing a point or something, but my real point (or my intention, at least) is just to share some kind of idea or thought, not convince anyone of anything. Also, I think this will be a lot easier to write because I can just type a bunch of words and they don't have to fit together in any particular way, and it's also a good excuse to not bother with any editing, so I should be able to crank these things out really fast.

I also have this idea to outsource the writing of my blog posts to someone, ideally everyone. The idea is that I'd write a bunch of stuff and then someone else (maybe wiki-style) would turn it into something coherent and readable. That would save me a lot of time and also provide plausible deniable when I write something that turns out to be especially stupid or offensive. But that's in the future. For now, it will just be a bunch of words that keep going until I get bored or distracted, and then I'll hit "send" :) (I'm also writing these things in Gmail since the blogger interface upsets me)