Saturday, June 23, 2007

Quick: Maybe you can hack computers

But do you know how to hack people? It's only code.


Matt said...

Wo. Now that's entertainment!

Ed Zwart said...

I always hated Metal. Now I know why! :)

Just discovered you Paul (thanks to Google Operating System). I read your disclaimer and this post, and I'm already addicted!

Slippy Lane said...
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Slippy Lane said...

Like Ed, I just got here from Google Operating System, and I too will be sticking around :-)

Neuro-linguistic programming, mass hypnosis and peer-pressure are all the ingredients you need to cook yourself up a big batch of religious or psychic fraud.

Denounce religious and psychic fraud wherever you see it. I do.

How do I know that it's fraudulent? Easy. If someone says it's down to God, Christ or psychic ability, it's fraud.

I haven't been challenged yet ;-)