Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Quick: Vibe

Seth Godin on "the vibe":
Have you ever been at a banquet or in a boutique or at a concert or a meeting or a company where the vibe was incredibly positive?
If vibe is so important, why does it sound flaky to worry about it? Who's in charge of the vibe at your place? Could it be better? A lot better?

This is a very real and under-appreciated part of work. It was one of the first things I noticed when I started at Google after working at Intel -- the place just felt so much more alive. Now it's something that I watch for when visiting startups -- my guess is that upbeat and energetic companies will outperform the ones that feel oppressive and hopeless.


Micah said...

Interesting post. I've noticed the same thing when recording music. The better the vibe the better recording, regardless of equipment or even talent.

Have you noticed any patterns as to what creates a positive startup vibe? Do you think a negative vibe is an indicator of something fundamentally wrong with a business or team?

Manoj said...

my guess is that upbeat and energetic companies will outperform.....

What is it that makes a company upbeat? Is it colorful walls/cubes, employees walking around in shorts etc.???

Paul, everytime I want to leave a comment here, it asks me for 'word verification'. Is it possible to get relax it a bit(I am already logged in to my blogger/gmail account)?

Nathan Braun said...

Can't wait to the day when I can add "Vibe Master" to my cv.. ;p

Amit said...

Manoj, you can put in all the colored walls and employees in shorts you want, but you're not going to change the vibe except at a superficial level. Those things are effects of the vibe, not the causes. The causes are much deeper and not so easily manipulated.